About Monica

File Nov 20, 2 08 49 PMMonica Crawford brings her innate grace and authentic caring, along with a commitment to excellence, to her coaching practice. She is a person who is naturally curious, open and reflective in her being which provides abundant opportunity for introspection and growth to her clients. Monica stands courageously for infinite possibility and her clients’ biggest visions for themselves. She encourages her clients in pure, honest dialogue, producing shifts in their being, and in their actions to create the ripple effect in all aspects of their lives. She inspires others to stretch past their comfort levels to create a life of love, possibility and adventure.

Her clients have stated, “She helped shed light on my thinking patterns and my ‘stories’ that limited me from the very things I wanted in my life. I often left a session with a physical feeling of my body being incredibly lighter. “

Monica graduated from Accomplishment Coaching Coaches’ and Leadership Training Program in December 2011, an intensive year long program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She was trained in over 230 tools, was coached by Master Certified coaches and is currently an affiliate with Accomplishment Coaching. As an affiliate, Monica is part of a vast team of diverse coaches with infinite amounts of experience. Monica is a member of the International Coaching Federation, the governing body of professional coaches.

Monica holds a B.A. in Law and Justice and is a graduate of Olympia’s Dispute Resolution Center.

Monica Crawford has 14 years of leadership experience with a major corporation where she had the opportunity to build collaborative, efficient teams for their customers.
She has traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe.

Monica currently lives in Olympia, WA with her husband and two teenagers. She is active in philanthropy, and her community. Besides life and leadership coaching, outdoor play and travel with her family and friends are her passions.