Individual Coaching

One on One coaching for people who want to make lasting changes in all areas of their lives-balanced well-being, desired business achievements, nurturing relationship with self and others, and intentional life transitions.

⁜ Step into possibility and call now for a complimentary individual coaching session! If not now, when?

Group Coaching

Three or four like-minded people who have a common goal. The synergy and connection a group creates is unparalleled!

⁜ If you have an idea for a group, a question or you want to explore a way to establish this in your organization, just contact me.


90 minute – 3 hour, coaching presentations which generate new awarenesses, practices and tools for participants. Some ideas for workshops are team building and leadership development.

⁜ Workshops are magic!


Monica is willing to speak on a multitude of topics. Some of her favorites are “Living Life from Heart”, “The Power of Putting Yourself First”, and “Fear or Love?”

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