I had the pleasure of life coaching with a small group of self-employed moms lead by Monica of Anew Coaching.Monica guided us with gentle questions and specific activities to help us each find our true essence and to help us to work from that place of who we are.She helped us figure out what we wanted in life and in our businesses and taught us the tools on how keep our needs in sight. Since working with Monica, I have created a more abundant business and have formed a non-profit that had only existed in my head before. My interactions with my family continues to grow closer to my needs as I always had catered to theirs before. Working with Monica has helped me put my thoughts into action and I am forever grateful for the work we did together to help me be the person I am today.Linda T., Olympia, WA

Monica has this remarkable way of helping you see what you can’t see in yourself. She provides you with the opportunity to see where you might be “stuck” in a way you may never have seen in your life. With her compassionate way she really can help you see your struggles as opportunities to be more of your true self. Then they really don’t feel like such a struggle anymore.With her compassion and humor and ingenious insight she opens you up to the beautiful possibilities that can lie ahead for you.I felt I walked away from my sessions every single time with new insight.

She’s kind, genuine and honest, and willing to gently stand beside you as you look at your thoughts that have held you back.

She helped shed light on my thinking patterns and my “stories” that limited me from the very things I wanted in my life.

I often left a session with a physical feeling of my body being incredibly “lighter.”

I would say that the best result I received from working with Monica is the fundamental change on my outlook towards new situations. Sometimes I think that I’m completely different person these days! I find it very hard to spend anytime repeating my stories and patterns.

I am eternally grateful for all her compassion, support and brilliant insights I received at every single session.

I would recommend her to any and everyone that is wanting to grow more into the person they believe they can be.

Suszanne H., Portland, OR